Lab Facilities


The FDM 3D printer boasts impressive specifications, making it a versatile and advanced tool for additive manufacturing. With print dimensions of 20-25cm D by 25-30cm H and a print volume ranging from 10 to 15 liters, it offers ample space for creative and intricate designs. The layer thickness ranges from 50 to 650 microns, ensuring precision in every detail. Compatible with filaments such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, PVA, PC, PETG, TPE, Carbon Fibre, and HIPS, this printer accommodates various material preferences. It features automatic leveling, ensuring ease of use, and offers precise positioning accuracy at 10 to 20 microns. The printer supports multiple interfaces, including SD, USB, and Wi-Fi, providing flexibility in file transfer. Operating with bed temperatures ranging from 30 to 120 degrees Celsius and nozzle temperatures from 30 to 270 degrees Celsius, it accommodates various printing requirements. With electrical input ranging from AC100 to 240V and electrical output of DC 24V,400W, it ensures efficient and reliable performance. One of its standout features is IoT-enabled printing and monitoring, allowing users to leverage cutting-edge technology for seamless and connected 3D printing experiences.


The DLP 3D printer is equipped with a high-quality filament light source operating at a wavelength of 405 nm, ensuring precision and accuracy in the printing process. With XY resolution at 0.050 mm and an impressive 3840×2400 (4K) resolution, the printer guarantees sharp and detailed prints. The Z-axis resolution falls within the range of 0.01-0.15mm, and the layer resolution ranges from 0.01-0.2mm, allowing for fine-tuned control over the print outcome. The printer achieves a maximum printing speed of 60mm/h, optimizing efficiency without compromising quality. Rated at 120W, it balances power consumption with performance. Compatible with 405 nm UV resin, it supports a variety of materials for diverse printing applications. The inclusion of a T-wrench with a 17-piece socket kit and a mini-drilling machine enhances the printer’s versatility, catering to a range of fabrication needs. This comprehensive set of specifications makes the DLP 3D printer a valuable asset for those seeking precision, speed, and flexibility in their 3D printing endeavors.


The 3D scanner integrated into the Apple iPad Pro features a breakthrough LiDAR Scanner designed specifically for precise object measurements. Complemented by an automated turntable, three-axis gyro, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor, this scanner employs cutting-edge technology for accurate and efficient scanning. The wide and ultra-wide cameras further enhance its capabilities, with a 12MP wide camera and a 10MP ultra-wide camera boasting a 125-degree field of view. This powerful combination of hardware components ensures that the 3D scanner on the Apple iPad Pro delivers exceptional depth-sensing and scanning capabilities, making it a valuable tool for a variety of applications, from augmented reality to precise object measurements.


The AR/VR workbench is a powerhouse of technology, equipped with cutting-edge components to fuel immersive experiences and advanced virtual reality applications. At its core is the Intel I7-10700k processor, providing formidable processing power for seamless AR/VR rendering. The MSI B460 Torpedo Intel Motherboard ensures a stable and high-performance foundation for the system. With T Force Vulcan Z 32GB RAM boasting a clock speed of 3200MHz, the workbench handles complex simulations and graphics with ease. The graphics powerhouse is the MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio 8GB GPU with three fans, delivering exceptional visual fidelity. Storage is optimized with a WD Blue SSD M.2 1TB and a Seagate 1TB SATA Internal Hard Disk, offering both speed and ample space. The Corsair RM 850 SMPS and APC UPS 1500VA BR1500G guarantee a reliable power supply. The immersive visual experience is brought to life on the MSI Optix G241 IPS Gaming Monitor, while input devices include a Dell Multimedia Keyboard (Wired KB216) and a wired Dell Optical Mouse. Housed in the stylish MSI Forge 100 R RGB Cabinet, this workbench also features custom head and eye trackers crafted by AIIRF and an Arduino Leonardo board-based user-configurable joystick controller, ensuring a comprehensive and responsive AR/VR development environment.


The electronic workbench is a powerhouse of specifications designed for precision and versatility. With dimensions of 1560mm W x 710mm B x 827mm H, it provides a spacious and sturdy work area for electronic projects. The inclusion of an ESD mat on the tabletop, equipped with a grounding cord, ensures a static-free environment for delicate electronic components. Further enhancing safety and functionality are four conductive leveling screws for base height adjustment. The workbench features essential tools such as a universal spike protector with four sockets, three plug boards, and variable power supplies – a DC Power Supply 0.5 to 30V, 1000W, 30A and an AC Power Supply 0 to 230V, 1200W, 5A. Measurement instruments include a Volt Meter DC: 0 to 200V, AC: 0 to 440V, a Current Meter DC: 0 to 200A, AC: 0 to 30A, a Fluke Digital Multimeter, and various signal testing equipment like a Signal Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, and Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. The workbench also accommodates soldering and de-soldering stations, a tachometer, a clamp multi-meter, an SMD workstation, and two Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano boards, making it an all-encompassing hub for electronic experimentation and development.


The heavy-duty mechanical workbench is designed for robust and versatile use, measuring 1560mm in width, 710mm in breadth, and 827mm in height. It comes equipped with a 3-tray tools trolley containing an array of essential tools for various tasks. The workbench features an inverter arc welding machine, complete with accessories like an electrode holder, earth clamp, safety helmet with eye protection goggles, and welding safety gloves. Additionally, it includes a bench grinder with specifications of 8 inches, single phase, 0.5 HP, and 2800 RPM. The workbench is further enhanced with tools such as a steel step drill set, 4-inch angle grinder Dewalt, mini drilling machine, HSS drill bit set ranging from 3mm to 24mm, drill vice 100mm, bench vice 100mm, Taparia threading tab set, tapping wrench, 0.5 HP air compressor with FRLM, and an Elephant 0.5-inch air impact wrench with a 17 piece socket kit. The inclusion of a mini-drilling machine adds to the workbench’s versatility, making it an essential hub for mechanical tasks and projects.


The BLDC Motor Test Rig is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for precise testing and evaluation of Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Its loading type is facilitated by an Eddy Current Dynamometer, providing accurate assessments of motor performance. With a rated power of 12KW/15hp and a maximum torque of 7 Kg M, this test rig is well-equipped to handle diverse motor specifications. Operating at a maximum RPM of 10,000, it ensures comprehensive testing across various speed ranges. The load measurement precision is impressive, with a precision of ±0.05 FS%, ensuring reliable and consistent results. The rig supports testing in both clockwise (CW) and counterclockwise (CCW) directions, adding flexibility to the evaluation process. The cooling mechanism is efficient, utilizing air-cooling to maintain optimal operating conditions during extended testing sessions. In summary, the BLDC Motor Test Rig stands as a valuable tool for researchers and engineers, offering precise and reliable assessments of BLDC motor performance under controlled conditions.


The Electric Vehicle (EV) Two-Wheeler Chassis Dynamometer is a state-of-the-art testing equipment designed for comprehensive evaluations of electric two-wheelers. Utilizing an Eddy Current Dynamometer with a rated power of 12KW/15hp ensures precise loading during testing. With a maximum torque of 7 Kg M, it can assess the torque capabilities of electric two-wheelers effectively. The dynamometer is equipped to simulate real-world scenarios, allowing testing at a top speed of 140 km/hr. Its load measurement precision of ±0.05 FS% ensures accurate and reliable results, and the capability to load in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions adds versatility to testing conditions. The dynamometer’s air-cooled cooling system maintains optimal operating temperatures during rigorous testing, contributing to consistent and accurate performance assessments for electric two-wheelers.


Insta360, a revolutionary addition to our Virtual Reality Lab, brings unparalleled capabilities for immersive content creation. This cutting-edge 360-degree camera allows users to capture seamless, high-resolution panoramic footage, fostering a truly immersive virtual reality experience. With its compact design and advanced features, Insta360 empowers researchers and developers within our lab to produce captivating VR content for a wide range of applications. From simulating real-world environments to crafting engaging educational content, Insta360 enhances the creative possibilities within our Virtual Reality Lab, pushing the boundaries of immersive technology.